Off-site excursions

When visiting Diani beach and looking for something special to do, a guided tour at the Colobus Conservation Centre is definitely worth a visit. The guided walk is very educational and the pocket friendly entry fee goes directly towards the conservation of primate habitat, veterinary needs and rehabilitation of injured animals. It’s a very worthy cause and fun experience!

Kaya Kinondo Sacred Forest, sacred to the Digo people, is the only one of the area’s sacred forests that’s open to visitors. Visiting this small grove is a nature walk, historical journey and cultural experience. As you make your way across tangled roots and chunks of ancient coral, the guide points out various plants used in traditional medicine, and there’s the chance to transmit your fears and worries to an ancient tree by hugging it.

Shimba Hills National Reserve is among the easiest to visit in Kenya, within short distance of Diani Beach. The park is best known for its population of magnificent sable antelope, which occur in no other Kenyan park. The walk down to the waterfall is not that far for anyone remotely fit. Wear your swimsuit, take a small towel and you can enjoy a waterfall massage.

At the far northern end of the beach road is the 16th-century Kongo Mosque – Diani’s last surviving relic of the ancient Swahili civilisations that once controlled the coast, and one of a tiny handful of coral mosques still in use in Kenya. The baobab-studded beach is a wonderful picnic spot and the mosque is worth a peek despite an unsympathetic contemporary extension.

Visit Mombasa, one of the richest ports from the age of Great Geographical Discoveries, with its rich history, heritage, and culture. During the city tour, you will visit some of Mombasa’s major attractions like Mombasa Tusks, Uhuru Gardens and Fort Jesus. If you are interested in a day trip, there is an option to visit Mamba Village or Haller Park in the afternoon.

Book a dinghy trip to Funzi island to search for crocodiles in the mangroves and visit the sandbank to spend a relaxing couple of hours hunting for star fish or bathing in warm turquoise waters. During the trip, you will also be able to enjoy a delicious crab and fish lunch.

When visiting Diani Beach, one does not want to miss the opportunity to head out on a water safari in the Kisite-Mpunguti Marine National Park. Sail on a traditional Dhow across the ocean, then snorkel around coral reefs and be amazed at the sight of Dolphins as they swim by. This is an incredible experience. Then later enjoy a fresh fish and seafood barbeque. Truly a day to remember!

Make your holiday to Kenya even more magical with a truly memorable safari. Kenya is renowned for its majestic beauty and incredible biodiversity which includes around 25,000 different animal species. So why not combine your beach holiday with us here at Zarafa House with a trip into the interior to enjoy some of Kenya’s world-famous wildlife.

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