Zarafa House is committed to making a sustainable difference to the people in surrounding communities and to protecting the environment, marine life and wildlife. We work towards this goal through a variety of projects.


As a small B&B, we cannot work miracles, but we can do our best to make an impact!

Our Green initiatives to preserve the environment are as follows:

Paperless back office
Refillable water bottles in the guest rooms
Refillable organic toiletries
Dual flush toilets
Rechargeable batteries
Glass soda and beer bottles
Re-usable straws
Organic cleaning and laundry products
Energy saving or LED lighting
Recycling metals, paper, glass and plastic
Composting organic matter
Raising awareness among staff and B&B guests

Zarafa House will also help restoring the environment by participating in Beach Clean-up initiatives.

More measures will follow…so stay tuned!