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All users of the Website (as defined below) should carefully read the entire contents of this Privacy Policy as it contains important information, which relates to your legal rights and obligations. By accessing and/or using the Website, you expressly agree to be legally bound by this Privacy Policy which forms an integral part of the Terms of Service of the Website.

This Privacy Policy constitutes a legally binding agreement between you and Zarafa House (as defined below) in relation to the Website including any subdomains and any other third party websites through which Zarafa House makes available its products and services, whether directly or indirectly.


In this document, unless there is something in the subject matter or context inconsistent therewith, the following terms and expressions will have the following meanings:

“Cookies” Cookies are tiny files, which contain slivers of data and information, which may or may not include, an anonymous unique identifier in relation to whom the cookie is directed. It is a tiny file of text that a website transfers and stores on your device with the purpose of tracking your movements within the website and your interaction with the various components and features of the website. These files facilitate to improve and enhance the user’s website experience and record their preferences. Our cookies do not seek to control the devices on which they are stored and nor are they damaging, and nor do they extract your personal information from your device. Cookies will reside on your device(s) until they expire or are deleted.
“EEA” European Union\European Economic Area
“GDPR” General Data Protection Regulation
 “Owner” “or “Us” or “We” Ann Rietjens
“Personal Data” Any information and/or data that is capable of disclosing the identity of any User, directly or indirectly.
“Registered   User” or “You” The person or legal entity who registers an account on the Website for the purpose of using the Services.
“Services” The process of the Registered User using the Website to book and/or purchase the products and/or services supplied by Zarafa House through the Website.
“Temporary User”


Any person or legal entity who visits any part of the Website for any duration whatsoever shall be deemed to be a Temporary User and such person or legal entity shall have been deemed to  accept all the terms and conditions of this Privacy Policy and the TOS until such time that they leave the Website or close their browser. Should the Temporary User proceed to register as account on the Website he/she/it shall become a Registered User.
“TOS” The Terms of Service in relation to the Services and the Website as published by Zarafa House on the Website from time to time and of which this Privacy Policy forms an indivisible and integral part of.

By using any part of the Services and the Website or part thereof in any way and for any duration, irrespective of the length of such use, the User expressly agrees to be bound by all the express and implied terms and conditions set out herein and the TOS for the use of the Services and the Website and the User expresses such agreement on each and every use of the Services and the Website.

“Usage Data” Data relating to the accessing and usage of the Website developed and modeled from raw data gathered from and as a result of the activities of Users through their use of the Website.
“Users” All users of the Services including Registered Users and Temporary Users.
“Website” https://www.zarafahouse.com, which is owned, developed and operated by Zarafa House.


This document sets out Zarafa House’s Privacy Policy in relation to the Users and their data and personal details in respect of the Services and the Website. This Privacy Policy forms an integral and indivisible part of Zarafa House’s Terms of Service and the two documents are not mutually exclusive and should be read in conjunction with each other.  The use and/or continued use of the Services by the Users constitute his/her/its consent and agreement to the terms of this Privacy Policy and the Terms of Service of Zarafa House in respect of the Services and the Website. If you do not agree to be bound by this Privacy Policy and/or the Terms of Service, you should immediately cease to use the Services and the Website.


  1. Who We Are And What We Do


Zarafa House is B&B website


For the purposes of GDPR, we are a Data Controller of your personal information and as such we are under certain obligations to you in respect thereof. The purpose of this Privacy Policy is to give you information in respect of these obligations and in respect of your rights in relation to your personal information that we collect, hold, use, share and possibly trade in..


  1. Why We Collect Your Data And Information


Zarafa House collects certain information about the Registered User and his/her/its use of the Services and the Website. Zarafa House also collects information on every Temporary User who visits the Website. The information collected is used for the following purposes:


  1. To allow Zarafa House to analyze the use of the Services and the Website to enable Zarafa House to improve the breath and quality of the Services and the Website and use experience offered to all Users;


  1. To allow Zarafa House to analyze which parts of its if marketing efforts are working best to attract new users to the Services and the Website and allow Zarafa House to more efficiently use its resources;


  1. To allow Zarafa House to learn about the preferences of Users so as to be able to offer better directed services to them.


Except insofar as working with third parties to analyze data and develop marketing and business strategies, we do not share, lease, sell or otherwise deal in your data or information and we never disclose your identity, address or credit card or other financial details to anyone. All information, if any, shared with our third party vendors is on an anonymous basis.


Zarafa House will use its best efforts to preserve and protect the privacy of the Users. Our systems are designed to ensure the best possible protection against unauthorized use of the Services and the Website and all content and information and data that reside thereon, including that of all Users.


  1. Types Of Data Collected, Its Use And Other Related Matters


Your personal information can be collected by us at various stages of your interaction with the Services and the Website. For examples cookies can start to track your interaction with our website as soon as you land on the Website. Also, when you register an account with us to become a Registered User additional information is collected.


To assist us in providing our customers an efficient and high quality service and user experience and to enable us to better develop our business and the services we offer, we collect the following types of data:




  1. Personal and usage Data

Through the use of cookies and other techniques, we also collect information on how the Services and the Website are accessed and used by Users to enable us to develop and model Usage Data which may include the following elements:


  • The User’s Internet Protocol address;
  • Type of browser being used and browser version;
  • The page from which your landed on the Website and the page of the Website on which you landed;
  • The pages of the Website you visited and the services you accessed;
  • The times of your entry into and exit out of the Website and the duration you spent on the Website;
  • The type of device you used;
  • Your unique mobile device ID, if any;
  • Unique device identifiers and other diagnostic data;
  • Crash logs to allow us to debug in our systems and to ensure continuous Service availability


  1. Mailing Lists


To assist us in our marketing and advertising campaigns, Zarafa House maintains a mailing list. We may make offers to you on the Website through the use of popups. These offers will usually offer you an item or service in exchange for your information and request that you opt into our mailing list to be able to receive future offers by way of emails. In this process, we may collect:


  • Name and contact details.
  • Other information, such as job title and the company you work for.
  • Areas or topics that interest you.
  • Additional information may be collected that related to the Services we provide


  1. Tracking And Cookies Data


To track and trace the use of the Services and the Website by the Users, we utilize cookies and similar tracking and tracing technologies and some of the information collected is stored in cookies files, which reside on your device(s). Cookies are sent by our server based Website software to your browser and the cookies will reside on your device(s) until they expire or are deleted.


You can select to refuse cookies by making the appropriate selections in the settings menu of your browser or you can take a middle path of requiring a notification every time a cookie is sent to your device(s). If you select to refuse our cookies, you may not be able to use some parts of the Services and the Website.


There are two categories of cookies, session or persistent. Session cookies are deleted as soon as you close your browser or turnoff your device. Persistent cookies remain on your device until they expire or are deleted. The principal types of cookies we use in relation to our Services and/or Website are:


  1. Essential Cookies – These are session cookies and are used to serve you the Services available on the Website and all you to use some of the features on the Website. These cookies can help to prevent fraud by assisting us in authenticating the Users accessing the Website. These cookies are essential for the Website to be functional.
  2. Acceptance Cookies – are persistent cookies that record and indicate if users have accepted the use of cookies on the Website during their use. They can also be used to record such things as acceptance of notices from the Website and other services which require an affirmative selection by you;
  • Preference Cookies – are persistent cookies that are used to remember your preferences and settings so that you do not have to reset them each time you utilize our Services and/or the Website. They are intended to enhance your user experience when using the Services and/or the Website;
  1. Security Cookies – are persistent cookies used to maintain the security of our Service to allow all users a safe and rewarding user experience;
  2. Performance and Tracking Cookies – are persistent cookies that can track information about traffic that comes to the Website and the manner in which Users utilize the Website. The information gathered by these cookies has the potential to, directly or indirectly, identify you. These cookies can also be used, individually or in conjunction with other types of cookies, to test marketing materials, website functionality and new features.
  3. Advertising Cookies – are persistent cookies that keep track of your browsing habits and patterns, and they assist out third party vendors to work out what marketing materials and advertising are likely to be off interest to you. They allow categories of Users to be formed according to defined criteria and targeted marketing materials and advertising to be severed to particular categories of Users. They can also be used to influence what advertisement you will view when visiting third party websites.


Due to the level of expertise required, Performance and Tracking and Advertising cookies are operated on our behalf by third party vendors.


Examples of tracking and tracing technologies used are beacons, tags and scripts that are designed to track and collect usage information to enable us to develop and improve the Service.


  1. Use Of Your Personal Data


Zarafa House uses data collected for various purposes that are justified by a legal basis and these include:


  • Maintaining and providing the Services and the Website;
  • To perform and/or enforce our Agreement with you;
  • Notifying users about changes and improvement(s) to the Services and the Website;
  • Enabling users to access interactive features of the Services and the Website;
  • Providing access to customer and technical support;
  • To comply with our legal obligations beyond GDPR, including but not limited to, court orders, law enforcement requests and government agency regulations and directions;
  • Monitoring usage of the Services and the Website to maintain a stable and safe usage environment;
  • For marketing and promotional purposes, including the development of new products and services;
  • For analytical purposes to study and analyze how you use the Services and the Website and to measure and analyze the effectiveness of our marketing and promotion efforts.
  • Detecting preventing and solving technical issues; and
  • To use as is otherwise required or permitted by law or consistent with the provisions of GDPR.


  1. Sharing Your Personal Data


            Zarafa House may share your personal information/data in the following situations:


  • With our third party service providers for monitoring and analyzing the use of the Services and the Website, to contact you on our behalf and to advertise to you whether on the Website or on a third party site after your visit to the Website;
  • In the event the business, including the Website, of Zarafa House is subject to a takeover, merger or acquisition, Zarafa House make disclose your personal information to the purchaser as part of its due diligence or as part of Zarafa House’s transfer of assets and/or liabilities to the new owner;
  • With our Affiliate organizations, including but not limited to, subsidiaries, holding company, joint venture partners, associate companies and so on. Each of the affiliates would be required to execute observe the provisions of this Privacy Policy;
  • With our business partners, with the purpose of offering to your certain products and services;
  • With other Users – when you share your personal information/data or otherwise interact with the Website Users such information may be viewed by other parties;
  • With duly authorized regulators, tax authorities and other government authorities; and
  • With duly authorized law enforcement agencies.



  1. Data Retention Period


Zarafa House will retain your information on our servers for as long as required by the laws and regulations of the relevant jurisdictions and as is necessary by this Privacy Policy and for the continued and efficient operation of the Services and the Website.


  1. Data Transfer


Zarafa House’s data servers are located in Netherlands and its operational offices are located in Belgium and the personal and other data of all Users will be located and accessed from these locations. Users may be located in jurisdictions other than those indicated above and the laws and regulations as regards personal and other data may be different in the jurisdiction of individual Users as compared to the indicated jurisdictions. By accessing and continuing to use the Services and the Website you expressly consent to the transfer of your personal and other data to the indicated jurisdictions and subjected to the laws and regulations of such jurisdictions.


Countries outside the EEA may not provide sufficient protection of your personal information. To counter this, we will only send your personal information to third parties in non-EAA and US areas that agree to adhere to the terms of this Privacy Policy a and the GDPR and CCPA standards. You have a right to obtain details of the mechanism under which your personal information may be transferred outside of the EEA and US by contacting info@zarafahouse.com.


Zarafa House has put in place measures that are necessary to ensure that the personal and other data of all Users is securely maintained and no data will be transferred to any third party in any jurisdiction who does not maintain and operate security protocols equivalent to those maintained and operated by Zarafa House.


  1. Disclosure of Your Personal And Other Data


Zarafa House may disclose your personal and other data to a third party in the following circumstances:


  • In compliance with a valid court order and/or search warrant issued by a competent court or authority;
  • To protect itself from incurring legal liability in any respect;
  • To protect and preserve the property, rights, goodwill and reputation of Zarafa House, its shareholder, employees and agents;
  • To prevent wrongful and/or illegal use of the Services and the Website; and
  • To protect the personal safety of Users, employees, agents, third party vendors and the public at large.


  1. Web Forms


To enable us too efficiently to respond to inquiries from Users who make use of the Web Forms provided on the Website, we do collect certain information. Except as indicated otherwise, information requested on Web Forms is entirely voluntary and at your discretion and such information will only be used in a manner that is consist with our Privacy Policy as state herein.


  1. Information You Share On Third Parties


In certain circumstance the Website allows you to submit information on third parties. For example, if you use the Website to share your personal information with your friends and family you will need to enter some personal details about them, including but limited to their email address. In instances where you provide information on third parties, the information submitted will be retained on our servers only in so far as it relates to your account and such information will not be shared of otherwise dealt in except as otherwise disclosed herein.


  1. Information Received From Third Parties


In some instances, Zarafa House may receive information about you from third parties either through the Website or independently. For example, our payment gateways will submit information relating to your transaction to us for the purpose of identifying your transactions and processing them to have your orders processed, prepared and delivered to you and/or to maintain our accounting records for audit and taxation purposes. We may also in certain instances develop and maintain information about you independently. For example, if we have reason to believe that you have provided false or incorrect information in the registration of your account, we reserve the absolute right to verify such information and to establish the correctness of your identity. All information received and/or gathered on you from third parties will be maintained on our servers in the same manner and to the same standard as information provided by you or gathered directly by us. In terms of sharing such information, we will apply the same rules and standards as any other information we maintain on you.


  1. How We Protect User Information


The security of your data is of primary importance to us and we shall take all reasonable measures that comply to industry standards to keep your personal and other data safe and private. However, we cannot give you a guarantee that your personal and other data will be 100% safe and secure and we make no such guarantee and/or undertaking, express or implied.


The Website and our servers are routinely scanned by high grade anti-virus and malware scanning software. All operating software is kept up to date so that all known vulnerabilities are dealt with at the earliest possible opportunity. Your personal information/data is stored behind secure firewalls on secure networks and is accessible only by a limited group of people in a limited set of circumstances. All such personnel are required to sign non-disclosure agreements as part of their engagement terms. All passwords used are highly sophisticated and encrypted.


All sensitive personal and other information you supply to us is encrypted via Secure Socket Layer (SSL) technology. All financial transactions are processed by independent payment gateways and your financial information is never stored in our databases or on our servers nor do we make a request to you for such information.


If you feel that your account has been abused or hacked in any way, please contact us by sending us an email to support@world-dating.com. Please include full details of the relevant events and the time at which they occurred.


  1. Termination Of Account And Data Protection


Registered Users are free to terminate their account at any time. Once you elect to terminate your account, the action is irrevocable. Your account will be permanently suspended and cannot be reactivated. In terminating your account, most of the personal information and data associated with it will be permanently deleted. However some information and data will be retained for accounting, taxation and auditing purposes and also as required by laws and regulations in Netherlands and Belgium where our servers and operations office are located respectively.


  1. Link To Other Websites


Our Services and the Website may link to third party websites that are not operated by us and we have no control and/or influence over such websites and their respective Terms of Service, Privacy Policy and other policies. If you do elect to follow such links, you do so at your own risk and we strongly recommend that you review the Terms of Service and Privacy Policy of such websites at the earliest opportunity.


  1. Advertising


From time to time, we may display advertisements by third parties on the Website. To assist the third parties in assessing the performance of their advertisements, they may set cookies that allow their servers to identify you and your activity on the Website. These cookies allow the third parties to direct more relevant advertisements taking into consideration your activities on the Website and your preferences.


  1. Privacy Of Children


Our Service is restricted to persons over the age of 18. Zarafa House does not knowingly collect data and information relating to persons under the age of 18.  Any parent who is aware that their child has provided us with misleading and/or false information in order to access the Service should inform us immediately in writing by way of email to info@zarafahouse.com. Once we are aware the information on a person under the age of 18 has been collected without parental consent, we will take all actions necessary to remove such information from our records and our servers.


  1. Your Right To Opt Out


You have a right to request that your information be removed from the Website, our database and our servers. We will comply with such requests within thirty (3) days of receiving a written request from you. However, please be aware that we will retain certain information relating to individual transactions you may have conducted through the Website. We are required to retain such information for accounting, legal and taxation reasons.



  1. Third Party Vendors


We do not sell, trade or otherwise deal in your personal information/data which has potential to identify you as an individual person or entity not do we disclose such information to any third party with the exceptions of third party vendors who assist us in the operation and provision of the Services and the Website and our business as a whole. All third party vendors are subject to non-disclosure obligations to keep all information shared with them absolutely private and confidential.


From time to time, Zarafa House uses third party vendors who specialize in providing specialist data analytic services that assist us in improving and developing the Service and increasing the efficiency of our marketing efforts. As part of this process, we need and do disclose some of your personal and other data to our third party vendors but such disclosure is only made on an anonymous basis and no credit card details are made available other than the name of the issuer and/or payment gateway. All third party vendors are required to maintain and operate security protocols at least equivalent to those operated by Zarafa House and all third party vendors are required to sign and observe a strict Non-Disclosure Agreement.


Zarafa House makes use of the Google Analytics service as required. This service tracks and reports on website traffic and the data collected is shared with other Google services and Google may use such data to improve and personalize advertising on its own network. Users may opt out of having their activity monitored by Google Analytics by installing the Google Analytics opt out addon for their browser. For information on Google’s privacy policy, please visit https://policies.google.com/privacy?hl=en .



  1. Your Specific Data Protection Rights Under GDPR)


For the purposes of GDPR, we are defined as a Data Controller of your personal information.

All residents of the European Economic Area (EEA) are bestowed certain rights by GDPR in relation to their personal information/data as regards:

  1. how it is collects;
  2. under what circumstances it can be collected;
  3. how it must be stored;
  4. how it can be used; and
  5. with whom and under what circumstances it can be shared.


The legal basis of our collecting, storing, using and sharing your personal information, as set out in this Privacy Policy, depends on the type of information we collect and the specific context in which we collect it. Once collected, we may need to process and use your personal information on the basis that:

  1. We need to perform a contract with you, for example when you create a User Account with us and later your Profile;
  2. You give us permission to do so, as your do when you authorize us to process your payments;

iii.        The processing and use of the information is in our legitimate business interests and such use does to breach and/or circumvent your rights; and

  1. To comply with the law or regulations prescribed by a statutory or regulatory body.

As a resident of EEA, GDPR confers on you certain rights for the protection of your personal information and/or data:

  • to access, update or to delete certain personal information we have on you;
  • to rectify the correctness of any information we have on you;
  • right to object to our holding any information on you;
  • to request us to restrict the information collected on you and how we make use of it;
  • right to data portability for your reuse elsewhere
  • you have a right not to be the subject of decisions based on automatic procession or profiling; and
  • right to withdraw the consent you have previously given to use and request the erasure of any information we hold.

Before acting to any written request from you in relation to the above, we may request for verification of your identity.

Please keep in mind that we may be under legal or contractual obligations which are in conflict with your GDPR tights.  These conflicts may prevent us from responding to some of your requests.

You are entitled to complain to a Data Protection Authority about our conduct in the collection and use of your personal information. For more information, please contact your local data protection authority in the EEA.


  1. Changes To Privacy Policy


Zarafa House at all times reserves the right to change any and all aspects of this Privacy Policy at any time without giving advance notice of such changes to Users and without giving reasons for such changes. If Zarafa House does give any explanation for changes in the Privacy Policy, it is done so only as a courtesy and not as a requirement. Any changes to the Privacy Policy shall become effective immediately the new Privacy Policy is posted on the Website and a notice of such changes is posted on the Website. All Users are advised to review our Privacy Policy from time to time to keep themselves updated on any changes.


  1. Contact Us


Any person or legal entity requiring information in respect of our Privacy Policy should contact us by way of email to info@zarafahouse.com or complete the form at www.zarafahouse.com/contact/ or at the following address:


Zarafa Limited

P.O. Box 5826

80401 Diani Beach


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